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The law firm Amstel & Seine was founded in 2015 and specializes in international business law and real estate issues with a special focus on commercial exchanges between the Benelux and France.


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4 April 2024

Relaxation of the rule regarding loyalty when administering proof

Is evidence obtained by unfair means admissible in Court? Can an employer use as evidence a recording of a conversation without the employee’s knowledge, or a private message from Facebook?   In a landmark ruling in 2011 (Ass. plén., 7 January 2011, no. 09-14.316), the plenary assembly of the the French High Court, wishing to […]

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5 January 2024

Mediation part 2

Alternative dispute resolution methods other than mediation: conciliation, participatory procedure, settlement hearing. Alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) is gaining traction in French law. In 2023, the Justice Minister emphasised the administration’s intention to promote amicable dispute resolution even further.  A large number of ADR mechanisms already exists, such as conciliation, participatory procedures and mediation. Recently, the […]

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1 December 2023


1. The development of mediation in French law France introduced legislation on mediation in 1995 (Law no. 95-125 of 8 February 1995). Since then, mediation has taken off, albeit very slowly at first, thanks in particular to the creation of mediation centres. In recent years, the development of mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method […]

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