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8 February 2023

The franchise contract and the pre-contractual information duty

Franchising is a common way of developing a business concept but one that is subject to strict rules under French law. Before signing a franchise agreement a franchisor must comply with certain special legal requirements, one of which is a pre-contractual information duty. The franchisor’s pre-contractual information duty goes beyond the general rule of contract […]

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6 December 2022

Metal industry collective bargaining agreement changes as of 1 January 2024

As of 1 January 2024, a new national collective bargaining agreement (CBA) for the metal industry will come into effect. This CBA will replace the 78 existing regional CBAs applicable to the non-cadres as well as the (already national) one for Cadres et ingénieurs. These changes will impact all employers as the new CBA will […]

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14 September 2022

The French commercial agent / commercial representative

Many companies that are eyeing the French market will call upon a commercial agent (agent commercial), also known as a commercial representative, in France. The commercial agent will look for customers or suppliers on behalf of the company and can negotiate and in some cases sign contracts on behalf of the company (the principal). This […]

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