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The law firm Amstel & Seine was founded in 2015 and specializes in international business law and real estate issues with a special focus on commercial exchanges between the Benelux and France.


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4 August 2020

Statutory Auditors: what are the current obligations of French companies

The PACTE (Plan d’Action pour la Croissance et la Transformation des Entreprises) law of April 11th, 2019 has simplified the obligations of French companies in terms of appointment of statutory auditors. The new rules are of particularly important within the context of the approval of French companies’ yearly accounts. Thresholds An auditor must only be […]

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2 June 2020

Judicial expertise in France

Judicial expertise is a procedural measure that is widely used in France, before legal actions, for technical aspects (investigation on the causes and extent of a claim) and financial aspects (drawing up accounts between the parties), rather than amicable expertise. When a dispute raises technical issues that require in-depth analysis, the judge may, at the […]

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28 May 2020

French labour law

When taking on an employee for a job in France, you should take into account the fact that French labour law will be quite different from the national law that may be applicable in other countries. Parties are entitled, in case of entering into an international labour agreement (therefore entered into for example between a […]

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